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Project details

Housing Project

Capacity building for housing cooperatives




2 years


$170,000 CAD

Social Housing

Developing countries face many challenges, an important one being a lack of suitable low-cost housing. This is a major obstacle to improving populations’ quality of life. In Senegal, since 2011, SOCODEVI has been building the capacity of the cooperative social housing movement to build housing for member families and provide populations with decent and sustainable living conditions.

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Hand-in-hand with the Union régionale de cooperatives de construction et d’habitat de Thiès (URCCHT) and the Réseau international Éco-Développement (RIED), SOCODEVI also developed innovative solutions for targeted problems, including socially responsible urbanization and healthy management of living conditions, adaptation to climate conditions and access to essential services. The experience of Quebec’s social housing cooperatives was put to work to help with the transfer of models and reference tools to the Senegalese partners in the Thiès, Saint-Louis, Kaolack and Ziguinchor unions.


plots of land

were approved for the construction of housing in the Thiès region

created for homes

as well as a chart for managing healthy living conditions and incorporating an environmentally responsible approach, intended for members

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