PROCED : Development Program for Inclusive and Sustainable Model Cooperatives

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5 February 2019

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SOCODEVI accroît sa présence en Afrique avec le démarrage du Programme de développement de coopératives modèles inclusives et durables (PROCED). To be deployed in Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Senegal, the initiative will enable SOCODEVI to improve the living conditions of 8,000 families.


Strengthening women’s empowerment and creating decent jobs is the mainstay of the process, an initiative supported financially by the Government of Canada. In particular, more than 3,700 women will be supported by this program. “To maximize the impact of this intervention, we have targeted priority sectors of the economy to reduce poverty and help vulnerable populations, such as social housing, cashew nuts, cocoa, honey and parboiled rice. SOCODEVI’s role will not only be to strengthen the capacity of women, but also to offer innovative technical and organizational solutions so that they can truly benefit from economic activities,” says Virginie Levasseur, SOCODEVI’s Manager of Advisory Services and Innovation.


Model cooperatives for sustainable & inclusive economic growth

Through PROCED, SOCODEVI will implement five model cooperatives in key sectors of the economy: two in Senegal, in the housing and agri-food sectors; a model cooperative in Ghana, in the rice sector; and finally two model enterprises in Côte d’Ivoire as part of the cashew and cocoa value chains.


“In Africa, as elsewhere in the world, our goal is to ensure that the results of our projects are sustainable. To achieve this, the professionalization of cooperative or associative enterprises, so that they become national points of reference, is an essential ingredient. It will be thanks to these profitable and inclusive enterprises that people will be able to continue to improve their livelihoods and that of future generations.”



SOCODEVI’s Executive Director


Operating over a five-year period, PROCED will also support people in implementing mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change. SOCODEVI’s capacity building programs include specific strategies and techniques to, among other things, increase agricultural yields and the adoption of climate-smart economic activities.


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