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Strategic support to the vietnamese government for developing cooperatives

The Ministry of Planning and Investment for Vietnam has requested SOCODEVI’s technical collaboration to support the development of a strategic plan for the development of the cooperative movement in Vietnam, taking into account the experience of the Quebec cooperative movement. Various meetings were held during 2018 that culminated with a major seminar in Ho Chi Minh City that brought together various representatives of the cooperative movement and the Vietnamese authorities.

“Developing profitable and self-sustaining cooperative enterprises is an important issue for the highest levels of the Vietnamese government. Our role is primarily to make concrete recommendations to properly target the strategic directions within their development plan and help establish priorities. SOCODEVI and its cooperative and mutual network have the expertise, and especially the experience to offer quality support to the Vietnamese government for this purpose”, says Richard Lacasse, SOCODEVI’s executive director.

The Canadian government has also been close by in this collaboration with the Vietnamese government. At last November’s activities, Jared Brading, head of Canadian cooperation in Vietnam, shared his thoughts on this collaboration by reiterating Canada’s support for achieving fair and sustainable economic growth. Mr. Lacasse, for his part, shared the Canadian experience in developing cooperatives and offered some ideas for our Vietnamese partners.