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The PerformCoop platform leverages the PerformCoop Approach, an iterative change management process for autonomous, profitable, sustainable and inclusive cooperatives.

Socodevi - Ordinateur portable

Co-op Skills

82 skill-building themes in three languages

Management Tools

32 model management tools tailored to cooperative enterprises

Support and Advice

Support and advice from the SOCODEVI team and its cooperative network

Web Platform

A tool to monitor cooperatives’ performance

Tableau de bord de gestion interactif

The PerformCoop Web Platform

An Innovative Tool

We have developed a tool that helps collect quantitative and qualitative data, assess the performance of cooperative enterprises, select intervention priorities in a participatory manner, and set annual targets and track them thanks to an interactive management dashboard.


Easy to use and translated into several languages


Displays all data in one single place


Can be used online, offline and on mobiles devices


Adapts to the different needs of organizations


“PerformCoop is an innovative approach that supports specialists in their work, from diagnostics to assessment. It helps collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data and to plan and monitor activities — all on the same platform, both online and offline.”

Lévis Ettien

Organizational Development Advisor– Ivory Coast