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Contribute to improving the living conditions of disadvantaged families in developing countries by making a donation to the SOCODEVI Foundation. Our commitment to your generosity is clear. Your donation will go directly to the cooperative organizations that we support.

Your donation will be used to develop sustainable agriculture, produce food and improve access to clean drinking water and health services for all.

A concrete example

In Bolivia, more than 3,000 children in the Colcha region have access to quality food made from quinoa thanks to the school breakfasts provided by CECAOT, a network of agricultural cooperatives. This was made possible through support from the SOCODEVI Foundation to acquire an industrial oven and other food preparation equipment.

Bolivienne souriante tenant une brindille

Contribute to developing inclusive, autonomous and sustainable cooperatives that will generate income for families and fight poverty.

A Concrete Example

In Vietnam, member families of the Evergreen cooperative, specialized in grape production, can now process their crops and improve their incomes. The donations collected by the SOCODEVI Foundation enabled them to purchase an industrial dryer, create jobs for women and develop a new economic activity for the cooperative.

Socodevi - Homme qui cultive la vigne

Strengthening women’s empowerment is essential to ensure that they have better access to and control over resources.

A Concrete Example

In Ivory Coast, female members of UCONAKO, a rice processing cooperative, will have access to resources and tools to increase their incomes. Thanks to support from the SOCODEVI Foundation, a modern and efficient processing facility will be set up, thereby improving women’s working conditions and access to formal jobs.

Socodevi - Femmes

Supporting our actions to fight climate change is a great way to help strengthen the adaptive capacities and resilience of families faced with related impacts, set up climate-smart agricultural practices and develop responsible waste management measures.

A concrete example

In recent years, Peru has been heavily affected by torrential rains, landslides and overflowing rivers. Support from the SOCODEVI Foundation has helped asparagus-producing families to resume their activities and implement measures to strengthen their resilience.

Socodevi - Cultivateurs


“The equipment provided helped the cooperative make its production more profitable. The unsold grapes can now be dried, packaged and put on the market. Taking its support a step further, SOCODEVI helped develop a professional brand image for this product, which is a source of pride for the member producers.”


Director of the VCED Project – Vietnam

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Socodevi - Women Farmers

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The Tree of Intercooperation

The Tree of Intercooperation is a solidarity-based alternative solution for offsetting and capturing greenhouse gases. It supports reforestation, cooperation and the fight against climate change.

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