In brief: 5 succes stories in Colombia

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17 December 2019

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After six years of work amongst families, associations and agricultural cooperatives in Colombia, our PROCOMPITE project is coming to a close. With help from our field team, we

have chosen five highlights from this vast rural support program.


“It is not a simple task to underline only five accomplishments from SOCODEVI’s actions in Colombia as we are proud of the results that have been obtained amongst several agricultural networks. We are, most notably, proud of the route taken by farmers. It is very rewarding to see how associations and cooperatives have improved their performance!”
affirms Martin Blackburn, project manager.


A one-of-a-kind agricultural cooperative

Five cooperative enterprises united their strengths to create WORKAKAO, the first second level cooperative in the cacao industry in the Meta region. This is a result of a legal, structuring and consolidation effort led by SOCODEVI amongst organizations that group together more than 500 producers.


The largest cacao nursery in the country

Today, the largest cacao nursery in Colombia is owned and run by the new cooperative enterprise WORKAKAO. Financed through commitments from private national companies, the modern installation has the capacity to produce 700,000 seedlings and should allow the organization to reach $400,000 CAD in sales within the next year.


Commercialization of more than 300 tonnes of specialized coffees

The project allowed for the implementation of a conditioning centre for specialized coffees in the region of Risaralda, with the active participation of producers from the local cooperative. The coffees processed in the new installation are among the best in the country and have great potential on the international market. Today, 303,000 kilos of these precious coffees has been commercialized, ensuring decent revenues for agricultural families.


A coffee with the flavour of equality for the world

Coffee producers benefit from commercialization strategies to sell their products at the best price. The solicitation efforts have borne fruit: in total, more than 10 tonnes of “Mujer” (“Woman”) coffee were recently exported to Australia, England, Dubai and New Zealand.


Improved revenues in the dairy sector and a new supply centre

The adoption of better milking practices on dairy farms in the Nariño region has brought an increase in revenues for families and their cooperatives. Five organizations grouped under the “Nodo Lacteo” (“Dairy Hub”) banner have reached revenues of more than $800,000 CAD.


SOCODEVI will continue its work in Colombia through a new project, AGROEMPRENDE CACAO, an initiative supported by the Canadian government and private companies. This new program will involve 5,000 families in the cacao industry in five regions of the country.