SOCODEVI is committed to the environment and to the challenges of climate change

Published on :

30 April 2019

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Environment and climate change

La prise en compte des enjeux environnementaux et des enjeux reliés aux changements climatiques fait partie intégrante de l’approche de SOCODEVI.


In all its actions, in its various fields of expertise and projects, at the organization’s headquarters and in partner countries, SOCODEVI is involved in sustainable development.


We support our partners in strengthening and enhancing their environmental capacities, by sharing experiences and expertise leading to informed decision-making and relevant actions.


Support is aimed both at implementing solutions that limit the negative environmental impacts of production, processing and marketing activities and at supporting initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment.


Social, environmental and economic benefits motivate action and contribute to improving the living conditions of the partners.


In addition to preserving the quality of the environment in which the partners operate, SOCODEVI’s approach includes adaptation to the environment and changing climatic conditions, including the promotion of intelligent agriculture in the face of climate.


SOCODEVI’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the countries where we operate with the objective of empowering people, which includes promoting greater environmental responsibility. We believe that our partners are primarily responsible for their development. In the environmental field, we wish to support them in making informed decisions and contribute to the strengthening and enhancement of their environmental capacities, in the sharing of experiences and expertise. Through their values and principles, their emphasis on sustainable, responsible and inclusive development, their anchoring in the community and the scope of their actions, cooperatives and mutuals are a lever for environmental protection and the resilience of communities in the face of climate change.


At SOCODEVI, we recognize the fundamental interdependence between the environment and human development. The depletion of natural resources, ecosystem and environmental degradation, climate change and disruption of ecological cycles are detrimental to the maintenance and improvement of people’s living conditions. without consideration of environmental linkages, it will be impossible to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDOs) by 2030, 7 of 17 of which directly refer to the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with the environment and our living environment.


SOCODEVI recognizes the importance of contributing all together, within our organization, in Canada and abroad, in all our programs, projects and activities, to the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change. With our environmental policy, we mean:


  • Limit the negative environmental impacts of our programs, projects and activities, and increase their positive impacts.
  • Support our partners in raising awareness, developing knowledge, making informed decisions and taking action in the environment.
  • Institutionalize the environmental reflex.
  • Provide environmental and climate-change-related solutions and innovations adapted to the context of our projects, partners and countries of intervention.


It should also be noted that SOCODEVI 100% offsets its carbon emissions by planting trees through the The Intercooperation Tree.