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SOCODEVI strengthens its environmental commitment

It is with great pride that SOCODEVI has unveiled its new Environmental Policy. Our objective: to have a shared vision of our responsibilities and our role in protecting the environment and fighting climate change.

“This new policy is the result of the expertise we have gained in recent years. In particular, we recognize the importance of taking concrete steps, everyone together, to limit the negative environmental impacts of our activities, to increase the positive outcomes and to put forward innovative solutions. The challenge is daunting, but we have the tools and strategies to make it happen,” says Renée Brunelle, SOCODEVI’s environmental advisor. It should be noted that SOCODEVI has had an environmental policy and concrete practices in place for several years now.

Among these tools and strategies: the integration of climate-smart agriculture into our training programs for rural families and cooperatives; analysis of climatic and environmental vulnerabilities through participatory diagnostic processes; and environmental action plans for cooperative enterprises, amongst others.

“Cooperatives, through their values and principles, are an effective lever for environmental protection as well as in the fight against, and adaptation to, climate change. We are supporting community-based organizations that are connected to local issues and their members can act individually and collectively for a healthy environment. Community people are actors in the protection of the environment, and this is good news for our planet,” says Mylène Savard, an environmental advisor for SOCODEVI.

To view SOCODEVI’s new Environmental Policy, visit the