We are continuing to make history in Honduras

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22 February 2024

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The year closed off with a bang in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with the launch of the SABORES project!



This incredible event showcased SOCODEVI’s firm commitment to using the SABORES project to help financially empower women and youth in the coffee and honey value chains.


This celebration was attended by 130 people (63 women and 67 men), local government representatives, the Embassy of Canada to Honduras, authorities from the Honduran cooperative movement, partner national institutions and associative enterprise beneficiaries.


The festivities, which took place on December 8, featured a number of different activities demonstrating the Canadian and Honduran governments’ commitment to continue improving the living conditions of supported families in the region.


One of the most highly-anticipated moments of the event was a panel led by female community leaders, who talked about their experiences and the challenges and struggles facing women and young girls working in associative enterprises with production and sustainability in coffee and honey value chains.


The day’s closing ceremonies allowed attendees to sample some Honduran culture with a folk dance presentation and a coffee and honey tasting. Tasting participants learned about the coffee roasting and grinding processes and about coffee fragrances and aromas. Attendees also learned how to measure honey’s moisture content, colour and degrees Brix. In the end, 12 associative enterprises presented their products at a stand hosted by the Honduran SABORES project to show off coffee and honey production.



SOCODEVI will continue working with the SABORES project in Honduras until 2027. We are committed to and excited about achieving our goal of bettering the lives of the families we support through their sustainable associative enterprises.