Awareness Mission in Honduras: an unforgettable experience for two Agropur members

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17 December 2019

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Through our annual awareness mission, Amélie Brien and Bruno Laflamme, two dairy producers and members of the Agropur cooperative, had the opportunity to experience a remarkable stay in Honduras. Both were winners of the SOCODEVI drawing to select participants. They visited all the regions where thousands of agricultural families are supported by the CAHOVA project.


“It is one thing to know what SOCODEVI does, but it is a whole other to see the impact on the people we met during our stay in Honduras. Our visits to pine resin and coffee producing families were particularly memorable as they are farmers like us, working very hard. They are determined and proud of their profession.”

– Amélie Brien, Agropur.


“I knew a little bit about SOCODEVI’s work because of some family members that have participated in their projects. In Honduras, the SOCODEVI team is doing work that is not always easy because there are many needs in rural areas! With that said, they are top-level professionals. These men and women are much appreciated by the communities we visited. Changing the lives of people is the work of cooperation and I saw it everywhere in Honduras.”

– Bruno Laflamme, Agropur.


The next destination for the awareness mission will be unveiled in February 2020, when the next SOCODEVI drawing will be launched.