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SOCODEVI upholds an approach that involves sustainably managing agricultural resources by promoting agro-forestry systems. For SOCODEVI, cooperatives are a platform for sharing tools and strategies to build profitable models of agro-forestry.

Socodevi - cultivatrice de caco

The use of agro-forestry systems incorporating the presence of a diversity of shrub and forest species in plots offers a host of ecological, nutrition and economic benefits. These systems’ resilience to climate change, diversity of products coming from the same surface area and resulting income linked to different crops are major assets for farming families.


“Through the trainings, my wife and I got to learn about the latest agricultural and climate change adaptation techniques and management skills to achieve our objectives.”

Nguyen Tan Nam

Coop Green Pomelo – Vietnam

SOCODEVI is a partner of choice for your development actions related to designing, implementing and enhancing agro-forestry systems.

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