SOCODEVI helps establish effective, sustainable and inclusive value chains that contribute to increasing family incomes. We support cooperative enterprises so that they meet both members’ needs and market requirements in a professional and competitive manner.

We promote sustainable agriculture to ensure inclusive access to resources and promising markets.


“It’s a great source of pride for us to work on our oregano plot knowing that our product now has a guaranteed market and that we will get a good price for it!”


Comunidad de Tarija – Bolivia

SOCODEVI is a partner in your development actions and social responsibility initiatives related to the agrifood sector.

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Our tools

An inclusive training program on agro-environmental and gender equality issues, intended for member families of cooperative enterprises.

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Development and use of participatory diagnostic tools, assessment of vulnerabilities and adaptation to climate change.

Prioritization of objectives and actions for protecting the environment and combating climate change integrated into the business plans and strategic planning of cooperatives.

A program that offsets greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees, developed for individuals and enterprises.

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SOCODEVI’s strategic orientations and institutional commitments.