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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change


SOCODEVI addresses practices, approaches and the socio-economic context in order to improve natural resource management and help protect ecosystems and the environment.

Our Approach

Women and men are made aware of and equipped to be able to seize opportunities to protect the environment and adapt to climate change, thereby contributing to improving practices and boosting the resilience of families.

Supported organizations integrate environmental protection, as well as combating and adapting to climate change, into their management by developing environmental action plans and institutional tools that promote innovation and environmental performance. Cooperative enterprises benefit from the support SOCODEVI provides towards their professionalization in the areas of environmental compliance and certification processes.

Strategic partnerships are established to enhance local practices that are essential to using natural resources equitably and responsibly, protecting the environment and combatting and adapting to climate change.


“With SOCODEVI, we were able to build a new stable for our herd of dairy cattle, while making sure to avoid damaging the surrounding natural environment. Today, I know that our well water is unpolluted and safe for my family and the other homes in the area.”

Mariya Volyanyuk

Agricultural producer – Ukraine

SOCODEVI is a partner in your development actions and social responsibility initiatives related to the environment.

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